Gyeon Q2 Tire Review

Gyeon Q2 Tire Review – Summary

My Gyeon Q2 Tire review shows that this is one of the best tyre dressings that I’ve used in a long time. Everything from the product performance to the packaging has been pretty much faultless.

The product performed well in several key areas. Not only was it incredibly easy to apply, but the finish could be manipulated to include a deep matt or even a more satin-like finish, depending on the amount used and the buffing process.

Prepmycar Rating: 8.4 / 10

GYEON Q2 Tire 400 ml

GYEON Q2 Tire 400 ml

  • 8 Application/ Ease of Use
  • Aesthetics
  • 8.5 Water Repellant Features
  • 8.5  Longevity
  • 9.5 Packing and Dispenser
  • 7 Value for Money


  • Stunning finish in both matt and satin
  • Branding and bottle are some of the best I’ve seen.
  • Product is incredibly easy to apply
  • Longevity is great, lasting up to 5 washes


  • Can be more expensive than some of their rivals.
  • Only comes in a 400ml bottle with no bulk buy options.

Gyeon Q2 Tire performed incredibly well in terms of initial water repellent features. Beading was extremely strong, and it was incredibly pleasing on the eye to see this. The only negative here is that this possibly didn’t last as long as some other tyre dressings.

Longevity has been another impressive category for Gyeon Q2 Tire and my tests showed that the product was still visible after 5 weeks and 5 washes.

Additional notes include the brilliant packaging and sumptuous smell, creating one of the best tyre dressings in the business right now.

Application, Ease of Use and Process

Application of Gyeon Q2 Tire was pretty straightforward, to be honest. I love the fact that this comes with a pump-action trigger allowing you to easily get a consistent amount of product for each application.

I started by cleaning the tyre with Bilt Hamber Surfex, a brilliant All-Purpose Cleaner, and then agitating this with a stiff-bristled brush.

To apply the product, a single depress of the trigger was enough to manage about half a tyre wall for a good coating. All you need to do is use a foam applicator sponge or the like, and then work it into your tyre.

I recommended that you work it into your tyre for a good few passes at this point. Tyres are all different, but you will find that some will absorb the product more than others, especially if working on older tyres.

The product has next to no grab and is very easy to apply to the tyre. You get an instant look at where you’ve applied, which is great. This will show quite a glossy finish at first before settling after just a few minutes.

50/50 Shot

You can then use a microfibre towel to buff off to achieve the finish that you require. I talk more about this later in my Gyeon Q2 Tire review.

Gyeon does state that you can both layer the product and heat it once on the tyre to create a stronger bond. For my test, I did apply a second coating, but I did not heat it to keep to fair across all products.

Overall, it’s one of the easiest tyre dressings that I’ve used. This is as much down to the brilliant pump that comes with it, allowing for next to no mess.

Aesthetics After 1st Application

I like my tyres to have a satin-like finish and this was very easy to achieve with Gyeon. With the first coat I buffed off a little too much which created a deep matt-like look, but after the second application, I let it sit for a little longer before lightly buffing to get a satin look.

To say I was impressed after the application and two coats was an understatement. Gyeon has managed to crack a fine balance between having that look of knowing a dressing on there, without it being that dripping wet look that for me can look a little cheap.

It had a premium look and feel to the whole tyre. My testing was done on relatively new tyres (around 500 miles) but I’ve used this on older cars as well and it’s great for restoring, without being over the top.

Gyeon Q2 Tire has one of my highest rating for aesthetics when it comes to tyre dressings.

Water Repellent Rating after 1st Application

Just like LSP’s, I like to see my tyre dressing adding some level of protection. Gyeon Q2 Tire does just this and as you can see from the pictures, offers some brilliant beading capabilities straight from the can.

To put this into some context, the pictures below were taken about 1 hour after the first application of two coats and allowed to set and cure.

I was so impressed with how it looked and the water behaviour from the product. I would have been delighted with this from a premium car wax, so to see it from a tyre dressing is mind-blowing.

How does it attract dirt?

In the weeks that the product has been on the car, I found that it’s been pretty good with repealing dirt. It’s hard to judge it on its own, but compared to that of other brands, I would say that it’s no better or worse than some of the leading dressings in this case.

This testing has been completed in the summertime, although it is worth noting that this is in the UK and the North East for that matter, so our “summer” is not what you will find in most places.

What I will add is that the with just a little bit of persuasion from just a garden hose, the dirt removes very easily. It’s not to the point where you would not need to clean your tyres, but if you needed a quick spritz for a ride out somewhere, it would do the job.

Packaging and Dispenser

This is the best product and packaging in the tyre dressing sector. And it’s not even close!

Gyeon just knows how to both brand and package their products. Yes, you pay a little more than some of the brands, but I’m OK with that.

The bottle comes in a 400ml size as standard. It’s a clear bottle, but the product is a vibrant blue, which I think looks stunning. They have their now trademark geometric design carved into the bottle as well and it most definitively feels like a premium product here.

The dispenser is one of my favourite features and something that not a lot (if any?) tyre dressings offer straight out of the can. A single squirt is more than enough product to do about half of the tyre and it saves so much mess and waste as a result.

There aren’t a lot of negatives here, but the fact you can’t get bottles bigger than 400ml is a little frustrating. This may put off trades who are looking to save a bit of money when buying in bulk.


It smells as good as it looks. You get a blueberry scent to it and it makes it really nice to use. This has no bearing on its performance, but I like to include it as I think it adds to the experience of using a product. If it smells really bad, I think I would be less likely to use it if other products performed just as good.

Potential Finish

I would say that you were able to create a matt and a satin finish with Gyeon Q2 Tire. This is dependent on how much you work it into the tyre, how much product you use and the amount of buffing when removing.

For a matt finish, I would recommend that you use less product and then buff off almost immediately. You will need to layer up still, which you can do, and this will get you the longevity that you need.

For a satin look, which is one that I prefer, you can use a little more product and just be a little less aggressive when it comes to buffing off.

The product is one of the more flexible products when it comes to potential finishes, which means that it’s going to suit a lot of you out there.

Cost Per Application

This is going to vary based on what you pay for the product, but I paid £21 for my 400ml bottle, which I would say was expensive. However, there is a chance it might be priced cheaper than this by the time you read this Gyeon Q2 Tire review.

Gyeon state that you should use between 10ml to 15ml per set of tyres. I found I used a little over that at around 20ml. The pump makes it very easy to keep tabs on this.

This worked out £1.05 per application, which included two good coats that achieved a satin finish. It’s on the expensive side, but it would mean that you get around 20 washes per bottle, and for most weekend warriors, this will likely see the year out.

Tyre Sling

I found no sling at all form Gyeon Q2 Tire dressing. This was impressive to see, however, I did leave the dressing to cure overnight before drying out.

They state that you can leave it for 15 minutes before driving off, although I would be surprised to see no sling at all from this. Taking the time to buff off properly and then give it as long as possible to cure

Can it be Used for Other Processes?

This is not a product that I would use on other detailing processes, mainly because Gyeon have not specifically stated that can do so. However, most tyre dressings can be used on plastics around the car and it’s likely going to work relatively well within the engine area as a dressing.

Longevity – 1st Week

As with all my testing for tyre dressing, to test how they are performing, a simple power wash and light wipe down is all I’m using for this. After the first week, Gyeon Q2 Tire is still going strong. In fact, I will go one better than that and say it still looks great!

Week 1 Finish
Week 1 Finish

As you can see from pics above, it’s got a very similar finish to that of when it was first applied. It’s a rich, matt look and one that I’m very fond of.

I also noticed that the dressing is keeping a lot of the dirt at bay as well. A quick wipe down here and very little came off. This means that the power washer was easily able to remove whatever contaminants were on the well.

Week 1 Beading

Its water-resisting properties are just as good as well. As you can see, there is some nice beading still, although it has dropped off from the initial test. You can see on the picture where the product is applied from the top of the tyre though, showing a big difference.

After week 1, it’s an impressive start for Gyeon Q2 Tyre review. It’s holding strong as one of the best that I’ve tested so far.


How do you apply Gyeon Q2 Tire?

You need to use a foam applicator pad and about 20ml of product per set of wheels. Work the product into a clean tyre wall and allow to dry. Buff off and then apply a second coat around 20 minutes later once it has cured.

What finish will Gyeon Q2 Tire give?

You can create a matt or satin finish, depending on how much product you use and how hard you buff it off after application.

How long does Gyeon Q2 Tire last?

It should last for about 5 washes. Although, any water repellent features from the product will likely be removed after a wash or two.

How do you remoe Gyeon Tire Q2?

You can use any degreaser of tyre wall cleaner to get the product off your tyre. I recommend using something like Bilt Hamber Surfex, which is one of the best in the business for this.

Final Thoughts

Before Application
After Application

It will come as little shock to hear that I’m a big fan of Gyeon Q2 Tire. They can tick so many boxes for me with everything from application to branding to longevity all being right up there with the best.

One of the biggest compliments that I can pay it is that it’s got next to no negatives. The only thing holding this back would be the price and even then I don’t think that it’s terrible value for most keen detailers.

What I will add is that for the money you’re not only getting a premium tyre dressing, but you’re buying into a premium brand. Again, this is not something that bothers a lot of people, but it something that I like.

In terms of performance, Gyeon Q2 Tire just looks amazing when on. It’s not “in your face” but it’s clean looking, premium, long-lasting and easy to use. Not sure you can want much more from a tyre dressing?

Have you enjoyed my Gyeon Q2 Tire review? Let me know in the comments or on the Prep My Car Facebook Group for added discussion.

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