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Car Detailing

One of the things that I've strived to do with Prep My Car is to bring you as much information, tutorials, advice and guidance on car detailing as humanely possible. I want you to be able to perform the same car detailing procedures that professionals use throughout the country.

The goal: For your car to be in the best possible condition, with work carried out by YOU!

Car Detailing Guides

Part of what we do on Prep My Car is bring you a range of hints and tips that will, ultimately, make you a better detailer. As you work your way through the site, the number of tips that we include will begin to grow.

Below I wanted to include a list of tips that are some of the best taken from different articles on PMC. If you only take advice from one part of the site, let these car detailing tips be it.

  • Use your time wisely. You don’t need to do everything all at once and on the same day
  • If you drop a towel, don’t use it until it’s been washed
  • Spend only what you can afford on car detailing products
  • Use my guides to help with your detailing process

Car Detailing Product Reviews

Car detailing product reviews is the area that I spend the most time on with Prep My Car. There are thousansds of products across the detailing spectrum, with being better than others.

Where I differ from almost all detailing sites is that all of my product reviews are done with the product in hand. I create in-depth reviews about what I would want to know before buying and then this hopefully allows you to make an easier decision about which is best for you. Comparisons of products in the same category are a key feature for my car deatiling product reviews and if something is not up to scratch, then I tell you so.

Interior and Accessories

One of the hardest parts to detailing is often the interior. It's tough to get a near perfect finish because of all the hard to reach areas that come with any car interior.

I've created a series of car detailing interior guides to help getting that "new" interior finish. With this I've also reviewed a ton of accessories that are going to aid in making cleaning both interiors and exteriors, a lot easier.

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