Gtechniq C2V3 Liquid Crystal: Tested & Reviewed

Gtechniq c2v3 Liquid Crystal is an inorganic spray sealant suitable for most automotive surfaces, boats, and other vehicles.

With claims of lasting durability of up to eight months and excellent long-term hydrophobicity, it sounds like this product should be right up there with the best spray sealants available. So naturally, being a professional detailer, I’m intrigued but also somewhat skeptical.

People love this product online, so I thought I’d check if these reviews are genuine and if the product is good from a professional detailer’s perspective.

Prepmycar Rating: 8 / 10

Gtechniq C2 v3 Liquid Crystal Hydrophobic Nano Coat Paint Sealant (500mL)

Gtechniq C2V3 Liquid Crystal

  • 7.5 Aesthetics
  • 8.5  Durability
  • 8 Ease of use
  • 8.5 Hydrophobicity
  • 7.5 Value for money


  • Easy to apply
  • Offers highly impressive aesthetics and hydrophobics
  • Does not smear or require excessive buffing


  • Honestly, nothing really!

Yep, Gtechniq c2v3 Liquid Crystal is the real deal. It’s easy to apply, does not smear or require excessive buffing, and offers highly impressive aesthetics and hydrophobics. It lasted over. It lasted at least 3 months after application in my real-world tests. In my opinion, it lives up to the hype and is well worth adding to your detailing arsenal.

How to properly apply Gtechniq C2 V3

  1. Gtechniq C2 V3 is not a cleaning product, so ensure the surfaces are spotless first with a good wash.
  2. Tape off anywhere you don’t want it to be applied to like any fragile or old trims.
  3. Spray 2 sprays of Gtechniq C2 V3 onto a microfiber cloth and wipe on.
    1. Note: Do not spray this directly onto the paint surface, as it creates uneven coating and poor long-term performance.
  4. Leave the product to dwell for a few moments.
  5. Buff off with a high-quality, dense microfibre towel.
  6. Sit and admire the sheer brilliance of the result for at least 20min before going inside.
  7. BONUS: Polishing with a finishing polish before the application will produce a better bond between the sealant and the fresh paint surface. This will result in a far better long-term result.

Gtechniq c2v3 spray sealant applied to a microfiber cloth ready to be applied to the car.
You’ll get a better result by not spraying onto the surface directly.

My Testing Process

For my test, I wanted to try to get my test as realistic as the results that you would expect from doing this yourself at home.

I took the car outside to the curb on a cool, overcast day to get as close as possible to the environment you are likely to use the product at home.

After washing my car, I polished the surface with a finishing polish on a finishing foam pad to give the sealant a good surface to bond with.

This polishing step is not required, but you will get a far better long-term result if you prepare the paint surface first by removing all contaminates.

I wiped down the surface with a panel wipe to ensure no oily residue from the polish was left on the paint.

I used a microfibre towel to apply C2 and did not spray it directly onto the surface.

I sprayed two sprays onto the cloth and spread it out over the upper part of the panel, aiming to achieve even coverage, before using a clean towel to buff off any residue.

Buffing off excess during application of Gtechniq c2v3 liquid crystal spray sealant.
Buffing off using a microfiber cloth. Note that I taped off some of the trim on this car just to be safe.

I could not find instructions online or in print regarding flash time, so I buffed it immediately. It seemed to work just fine that way.

I observed the water performance of the panel after washing the car and noted any deterioration in performance over time.

Test Results

Ease of use 8.0/10

I found this product remarkably simple to use. There is not much more to do than wipe on and wipe off. I found it was easier to use with a high-quality dense microfibre towel, making it easier to achieve an even finish.

Aesthetics 8/10

Gtechniq C2 V3 looks great after application to a finished car. If you are time-poor or are lazy and are after a quick car-changing product with lasting results, Gtechniq C2 V3 is a magic trick.

It’s a simple wipe-on and off product with highly aesthetic results. I highly recommend this product to people wanting to get their car looking amazing without the effort of polishing your car first.

Water beading off the paint straight after application of Gtechniq c2v3 liquid crystal spray sealant.
Looking pretty good

However, if you go this route, be aware that gloss in paintwork is primarily determined by the flatness of the surface concerned. Flatness is achieved by machine polishing to remove swirls and scratches in imperfect paint.

This means that the results seen after applying a sealant are sometimes semi-dependent on how good the surface is before application.

Sealant or wax can temporarily fill in imperfections in the paint, but after a while it wears off, and it’s back to applying sealant again earlier than expected. Carnauba-based products are great at filling these imperfections, but this also wears off over time.

Gtechniq C2 V3 is excellent in both cases. Fully polished cars, and quicks jobs after just a wash, can benefit massively from the application of Gtechniq C2 V3.

C2 V3 is primarily designed with protection and hydrophobicity in mind, and it does this well. Not only on my test car but in real life in my detailing business, I have noticed many cars having an improved look after applying C2.

Durability 8.5/10

Gtechniq C2 V3 is one of the best products in the spray sealant category. The manufacturer claims up to 12 months of durability, but this would require extremely specific conditions or the car to be garaged the whole time.

How long does Gtechniq c2v3 last?

I think 6 months is a very reasonable expectation for this product providing gentle cleaning chemicals are used. Keep in mind that the effects of the Gtechniq c2v3 spray sealant treatment gradually reduce with time, so you will likely want to reapply earlier to keep your car looking amazing.

I properly tested the durability of this product by observing the results over 3 months. Therefore, you should expect similar results to this at home.

Gtechniq C2 V3 Long Term Durability Results:

One week later – 1st wash after application:

I washed the car using a gentle snow foam and Gyeon Bathe as a contact wash. Gtechniq C2 V3 still performed the same as the week it was applied.

Three Weeks later –  2nd wash after application:

I washed the car using Bilt Hamber Auto-foam at 4% PIR and using Carpro Reset as a contact wash, with no noticeable difference in performance.

Six Weeks Later – 3rd wash after application:

This wash was almost 6 weeks after application, with the water still rolling off the surface quickly. I’m impressed.

3 months after application:

Having lost count of how many times I have washed the car, the water behavior has deteriorated a small amount, especially when the surface is dirty.

Once cleaned, however, the water does sheet off the panel. This photo was taken after 3 months, you can see where the sheeting has started to slow down, but water is still beading. That is pretty darn good for 3 months in.

Water beading off the paint 6 months after application of Gtechniq c2v3 liquid crystal spray sealant.
3 months after applications. You can see that the water is starting to want to adhere more to the surface now indicating lessening hydrophobicity.

Hydrophobicity 8.5/10

Water beads well on the surface and sheets off when water hits the panel at a flat angle, helping to keep the panel cleaner for longer and making it easier to clean.

As the weeks passed by and after subsequent washed the water behavior did slow down, but that is to be expected.

Water beading off the paint straight after application of Gtechniq c2v3 liquid crystal spray sealant.
Water beading on the surface after a spray bottle test straight after the initial application

Value for money 7.5/10

Gtechniq C2 V3 is sold in many bottles, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, and 5 litres. I purchased the 500 ml as it is the most practical size for carrying around and using. The 500 ml bottle costs £19.50 ($21.88 USD) from Gtechniq’s website.

One spray displaces about 1 ml of product, and you need about two sprays per panel or three for the bonnet or other large panels.

I estimate approximately 20-25 sprays would be required for a medium-sized car, meaning it would cost between 80p ($0.89 USD) and £1 ($1.12 USD) to cover a car. This is a bit dearer than other spray-on protection products such as Sonax BSD, but is still a tiny expenditure given the product’s longevity.

Specialist Features

Gtechniq C2 V3 can be used as a quick detailer at a dilution of 1:20 to maintain and rejuvenate the hydrophobic properties. It can also be used as a top layer for Gtechniq ceramic coatings such as Crystal Serum Light or C1.

About Gtechniq

Gtechniq is a global detailing brand with operations centered in the UK. It was founded by a physicist with a passion for detailing, so the products are developed using rigorous scientific testing and development. They are best known for their range of ceramic coatings but also have a marine line, which is suitable for caravans.

Concluding thoughts

This is a convenient product to have in your detailing arsenal, giving excellent protection for a relatively low price while also being easy to apply.

I think it is an excellent product for someone looking for longer-term protection without the hassle and expense of applying a ceramic coating.

The product’s value increases with the volume purchased, but larger bottles are only necessary if dealing with a large number of vehicles. Overall, I found Gtechniq C2 V3 an excellent product that I will likely get again in the future.


Is Gtechniq C2 V3 a suitable wheel sealant?

It will work up to a point, but it will not have the temperature resistance of a dedicated wheel sealant like C5 or KKD R-Evolve.

Can Gtechniq C2 V3 be used as a quick detailer?

C2 is not suitable for cleaning a surface as it does not have the cleaners and lubricants to safely do this. It can be diluted at 1:20 as a top-up spray for existing coatings that are clean, however.

Is Gtechniq C2 a ceramic coating?

No, Gtechniq C2 V3 is not a ceramic coating. It is a synthetic coating. It boasts excellent durability for a synthetic coating and can also be incorporated into Gtechniq’s ceramic system.

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