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Dear Car Enthusiast,

Have you ever?

  • Loved the thought of being able to get your car in show-like condition?
  • Been overwhelmed by the hundreds of different opinions of online detailing methods today?
  • Struggled to find a fool-proof, trusted, repeatable detailing method that gets results. every. single. time?
  • Been frustrated by the lack of clarity on forums and social media from people that you don’t even know?

These are the exact problems that I faced when getting into detailing many years ago.

….and still, the same problems that most people are facing today.

Now, if you’ve always wanted to be able to detail your car to a professional level, whenever you want, without the hundreds (if not thousands) it would usually cost…

Instead of spending days, weeks or even months trying to work out which products to use, which methods to follow and what’s going to get the best results…

And you are desperate for your car to be looking it’s absolute best all from your own work,

Then this may be the most important thing you read today!

Jonathan is the owner of Prep My Car and the author of Car Detailing 101.

He believes that the core principles of detailing are simple: detailed processes for maximum effectiveness and minimal effort.

He’s published several eBook’s on car detailing and has already invested a huge portion of his life to the art.

Don’t Trust Your Pride And Joy To A Random Video Online

For the most part, detailing resources online fail to explain what they are trying to tell you in a manner that the majority understand.

One video in particular that I watched was on polishing. The process and execution were just terrible. It could have destroyed your car’s paint!

I had to highlight to a student that there are so many combinations that can be used and no two cars are the same.

These “how to” type videos can often do more harm than good making detailing a much tougher process than it needs to be.

This is mainly because:

  • They don’t cover enough detail – You would have to guess with a lot of the processes
  • Miss out too many steps – It’s all in the name “detailing” so should leave no stone unturned
  • Fail to actually get decent results!

No wonder so many people are put off by detailing!

So, I’ve Decided To Solve All That…

Well, as a result of all these problems and confusion in the car detailing industry, I’ve spent the last 5 years coming up with processes to eliminate all these problems.

What if I told you that you could follow a process that looked as good as any $ 600 / USD £500 detail from a professional detailing shop?

What if the process was already dialled in and had been used on hundreds of cars to get simply stunning results?

What if you could get a show-like finish quickly and hassle-free?

The ebook will show you exactly what to do, from the initial inspection, right up to applying your LSP (Last Stage Protection).

Well, you can!!

I call it:

Car Detailing 101

“The Industry’s Biggest Car Detailing eBook”

  • A Simple and effective detailing guide for beginners to professionals.
  • Quality, trusted information from
  • Safe techniques and tips.
  • Save time and get detailing now!

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Learn How To Detail Your Cars Like The Professionals With Step By Step Guides

… even if you don’t have a huge range of products or expensive tools!

The whole idea of Car Detailing 101 is to take the guesswork out of detailing. It’s simple enough for beginners but will also provide a ton of value if you’ve been detailing cars for years!

Take a look at what’s inside…

Click on the pages below to see a larger version of what’s inside Car Detailing 101.

Here’s The Big Problem

When I started looking online for car detailing guides and help, I found it impossible:

  • There were no training eBooks at all!
  • The processes and methods taken from a lot of the online forums and social media groups were confusing and diluted.
  • It was impossible to learn everything quickly from YouTube without falling down a rabbit hole or getting bad information.

All the info I found had the same problems:

  • Processes aren’t specific enough – They lack vital information that is needed to create a solid detailing process that is repeatable.
  • They assume you’re a professional – Too often you’d see a flashy car garage with £10,000+ worth of equipment, way out of the reach of most enthusiast detailers.
  • They fail to cover the basics in any depth – Too many assumptions are made on the level of expertise of the viewer/reader.
  • Arrogance leading to confusion – They slate people for asking questions and getting involved when just learning.
  • Don’t explain why they use the products they do – With dozens of products for each detailing job, what products should be used for what is one of the most confusing things for detailing your car.
  • Too attached to one manufacturer – The detailing “fan-boy” exists. They will slate another manufacturers product simply because they don’t like the brand and have never tested the product.

The RRP of Car Detailing 101 is $39.99 USD.

BUT, to celebrate the launch of our new website and Car Detailing 101, I’m reducing the price to a more affordable $39.99 $19.99 – That’s 50% OFF!

That’s right. You can pick up this entire 140+ page Car Detailing Training Guide for just $19.99 for a limited time only.

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Plus You’ll Get LIFETIME UPDATES To Car Detailing 101 With Your One-Time Payment!

You heard right! Your one-time payment today gets you lifetime updates of Car Detailing 101.

I’m not arrogant to think that I’m going to know everything there will ever be to know about detailing. Far from it!

We learn, improve and progress all the time. New technologies, new products and new ideologies on the subject mean that processes are evolving.

With that, you get every update I make to the eBook….for life!

No recurring fees and no expiry date! 

Updates are usually released on a quarterly basis and you can even reach out to request things to address in the book or products to try.

These are the results that you can expect

When I say professional results, I mean it – If you follow the processes and steps that I highlight throughout Car Detailing 101, then it will be really easy to get results and a finish like the examples below. (Click image to expand)

What they’ve said…

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Dozens of step by step strategies and processes that you can apply to pretty much any vehicle in the world.

The detailed walkthroughs have been designed to help detailers of all abilities, but more importantly, give you a locked-down process to get simply stunning results for your car.


If you’ve a busy lifestyle and not necessarily the time to spend hours detailing your car every week, then I’ve come up with ways in which you can get the same stunning results, with a massively reduced amount of time needed.

Detailing can be an expensive game, but I also show you how you can get amazing results on a budget that isn’t going to break the bank. Included are ways that you can use a single product for multiple jobs, whilst not compromising on finish.


I hear the same questions all the time. How often do I need to wash my car? How often should I polish my car? Do I need to wax my car? How do I safely remove bird poo? What’s the best car shampoo to use?

Car detailing is actually very straightforward. But, each car will offer up its own problems and nuances that you need to overcome. Throughout the guide, we talk about solutions for problems that you will find on 2-month-old cars right through to 20-year-old cars….and beyond!

Car Detailing 101: Table Of Contents

Here’s a list of all the chapters in the Car Detailing 101 handbook…


A look at how to first assess the car to determine what work might be needed for the full detail. I expand on checking the condition of the paint to look for swirls and scratches.


Often overlooked, detailing your engine bay not only leads to a happier car, but also keeps your familiarised should any problems start to occur.


The wheels are an aspect of detailing that many fail to work on correctly. I show you how you can save a huge amount of time, whilst not compromising on results with just a few steps within this process.


An introduction to the main bulk of the Car Detailing 101 handbook. I explain how paint is formulated on your car and highlight ways in which you can maintain it better.


The pre-wash is the first phase of the washing procedure when it comes to the actual car. It’s a simple process to be fair, but a vitally important one.


Snow foam is, without a doubt, one of the more pleasing phases of car detailing. It’s also the last stage before we have to make contact with any abrasives; again highlighting its importance.


The 2 bucket wash allows you to not only clean your car but also keep your wash mitt as clean as possible. I explain the importance of a grit guard and how to avoid scratches and swirl marks.


Washing along is never going to remove all the contaminants from your car. For this, you need to use dedicated decontamination products that will do most of the heavy lifting for you.


The clay bar is one of the most underrated tools in any detailers armoury. Any contaminates that have managed to get through the decon stage, will be removed here for a glass-like finish to your paint.


The largest section of the guide. Polish not only rejuvenates your paint but also gives is that “pop” that detailers and enthusiasts crave. It can also be the most devastating process if done incorrectly.

11. LSP

LSP stands for Last Stage Protection. Here I talk about how to PROPERLY apply wax and sealants to make sure all your hard work in the previous stages is fully protected.


A look back at everything that’s been talked about throughout the detailing process.


No two cars are ever the same. What works for one person, might not another. I’ve answered over 20 of what I think are the most commonly asked detailing questions to offer you some advice.


Included are a number of resources such as car washing and polishing flow charts. The charts are designed to be easy to read and a great resource to refer back to should you ever get stuck.

You Don’t Even Need To Fully Commit – You Get A 48-Hour Test Drive!

That’s right. If you’re not fully satisfied that Car Detailing 101 lives up to expectations, then I will happily refund your money.

This way you get a chance to look through the guide over the coming 48 hours and then decide if it’s right or not. If not, just drop me an email on admin [at] and I will refund your money. No questions asked!

Whilst I don’t like brag, I’ve sold thousands of copies of Car Detailing 101 and have a return rate of less than 2%. Numbers of speak louder than words!

Please note, refunds are based on the product and will not be processed for purchases that are expecting a physical copy to be shipped.


Here are some of the most common questions that get asked:

As soon as your payment has been processed, you will an email that will include the download link. You can click this link to download on as many different devices as you wish, including smartphone, tablet and desktop/laptop.

As soon as your payment has been processed, you will an email that will include the download link. You can click this link to download on as many different devices as you wish, including smartphone, tablet and desktop/laptop.



We use the strip payment gateway

Absolutely! The guide has been designed to allow you to learn at your own pace. If you’re new to detailing or if you’ve been detailing cars for over 20+ years, this book is for you!

We don’t ship any physical copies of the book. Although, many people do decide to print it themselves. We do not offer refunds based on purchases that were expecting a delivered, printed copy.

As soon as there is an update to the handbook, I will email you out a direct link so you can download the new format of the book.

You can email me at any time after your purchase on admin [at]

You can also jump on over to Facebook and search out the rapidly growing Facebook page and Prep My Car Group for community support.

Included is information on hundreds of brands from across the detailing industry!

I don’t just talk about one brand throughout the eBook because there’s no way that one brand could do every single detailing process to the highest standard.

There are dozens of brand that’s are mentioned throughout and the range of products that you see are designed to be the best for that job, whilst trying to save you time and money searching the internet for advice.

Check out the rest of our site and you’ll see that we have field tested and reviewed hundreds of different products. Feel safe knowing that we have assessed nearly all of them.

Never heard of many or any of them? No Problem!

1. It doesn’t matter what you’re current skill level is.

Car Detailing 101 has been written in a manner where it doesn’t matter if you’ve detailed hundreds of cars or you’re just doing your first car.

It “holds your hand” through the entire process that has been tried and tested on hundreds of cars previously with unbelievable success.

2. It doesn’t matter what your budget is!

If you’ve got £5 or £5,000 in your back pocket, that doesn’t matter. You can often get started with the bare essentials and build your way up.

That being said, I also show you how to scale your detailing operation if you want to, getting involved with some big-boys-toys if that’s something you’re after?

3. You don’t need a garage to detail your car.

I’ll be honest, if you’ve got a garage, then great, utilise it. But, I worked for years without a garage and in fact, still do a huge number without one.

What I’m trying to say is that you can take all this at your own pace or to suit around your own needs.