Autoglym Super Resin Polish Tested And Reviewed

Autoglym Super Resin Polish (SRP) has been around for what feels like an eternity! It was the first polish I ever used on my Nova over twenty years ago.

For any product to have that kind of longevity in such a saturated and competitive market, it must be doing something right!

That something is: a decent level of gloss, some filling properties and application that’s a total breeze. For a one-stop polish that gives even a complete novice a noticeable increase in shine, look no further.

I tested Autoglym Super Resin Polish against a range of criteria to compare it to other polishes. Read on to find out how it went.

Prepmycar Rating: 6.9 / 10

Autoglym Super Resin Polish, 1L - High Performance Car Polish for Detailing and Maximum Gloss Finish

Autoglym Super Resin Polish

  • 8.5 Ease of Use
  • 3 Cut Levels
  • 7 Gloss Levels
  • 8.5 Value for Money
  • 7.5 Residue


  • Amazing value for money at £1 per car
  • Creates a lovely gloss finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Can apply wax or sealant as soon as polish is buffed


  • Will not correct/cut the paint
  • Only works as a filler, so will need reapplying fairly regularly

Autoglym Super Resin Polish: Application and Ease of Use 

The application couldn’t be more simple as far as polishes go:

  1. Wash and dry the car
  2. Shake the bottle well then apply a small amount to your applicator of choice then in overlapping circles (think Mr Miyagi’s Wax On, Wax off technique), apply to the paint in a thin layer. 
  3. Allow to dry – the product will ‘haze’ when dry. Buff off with a microfibre cloth

Top Tips: Before applying to the car, fold your applicator in on itself a few times to spread the product around the applicator first. 

If you feel like you’re getting a lot of dust when removing the product, you should apply less next time. If you’re still struggling with dust, lightly spray your applicator with water before adding SRP.

I wanted to keep this test as “real world” as possible so I chose a car that’s got zero protection on it already and has been taken to the local car wash a couple of times in its short life. 

I’m applying the product by hand although you can apply using a Dual Action or even a rotary polisher if you wish. The applicator and microfibre I’m using are relatively inexpensive and easy to get hold of for your regular car enthusiast who’s most likely to use SRP.

For best results, you should always decontaminate the paintwork before applying any polish. Ideally, tar and fallout would be removed chemically before a clay bar removes bonded contaminants that are stuck to the paint. Again, as most everyday potential SRP users wouldn’t do this and the instructions from Autoglym are “wash and dry the car” I skipped any decontamination on the Audi to see how it would perform. 

The Audi SQ5 in question was cleaned first using Autoglym Polar Blast and HD shampoo with the two bucket method. The car was then dried using a soft drying towel and air blower for the crevices.

Autoglym Super Resin Polish was then applied to all of the bodywork, taking extra care to avoid plastic trims. SRP is notoriously difficult to remove once it’s made its way on to your trim. To be extra safe you could mask up any exposed trim. I kept it simple here and took my time with the application instead.

I applied a few skittles sized blobs to the applicator the proceeded to apply a light film to the paint using overlapping circles. If there were any noticeable marks or swirls on the paint, I pressed a little harder to help remove these blemishes. The more you use SRP, the more you will understand what it can remove and what it can’t.

I applied to a panel at a time out of direct sunlight even covering headlights and taillights. Once the whole car was covered I used a soft microfibre to remove the excess residue.

Multiple layers of SRP can be applied if you want. As this is a newish car and the paint wasn’t too bad, one layer gave me the results I was looking for with a decent amount of gloss and some beading to show some protection. 

Finish Achieved

The most noticeable result that Autoglym Super Resin Polish gives you is a decent level of shine. For the amount of work required, even a complete novice can add gloss to their car easily with SRP. 

As you can see from the photos, it will fill light swirls and remove some blemishes from the paint. It doesn’t correct or cut and this filling will diminish over time. 

The paint will however have a lovely level of gloss, depth and shine and some hydrophobic properties too. All from one application of just one product.  

How is the Polish Best Used? 

SRP isn’t designed to ‘cut’ or ‘correct’ your paint. Its success comes from being easy to use and filling light swirls and scratches. These fillers will degrade over time so to keep your results, you’ll have to keep re-applying SRP. How often depends on several factors such as miles driven, where the car is kept, overall paint condition and how often it’s washed. Your average daily driver could get away with a fresh application every couple of months. 

The filling properties lifespan can be extended if you apply some further protection over the top of SRP, for example, Autoglym HD Wax.


As explained earlier, if applied correctly, SRP won’t give you any problems with excess residue. If you are struggling with ‘dust’ on removal then it’s likely you’ve been too heavy-handed with applying the product. 

You should aim for a couple of skittle size blobs on your pad which will cover around a square metre of paintwork. Multiple layers can be applied, so apply less on your first pass, then remove and reapply another light layer afterwards.  

Again, a little water on the applicator will help reduce residue even more.

What needs to follow this polish?

Autoglym SRP is designed to fill light swirls and scratches and restore your paintworks colour and gloss. It isn’t correcting any damage, just covering it up.  

Although SRP does contain some wax, these fillers will still degrade over time, and the swirls and scratches will be visible once more. To prologue the effects of SRP, you should apply a sacrificial protective layer over the top. 

The versatility of SRP means you don’t need to wait for curing, you can apply straight after buffing. Use your favourite glaze, wax or even a detail spray or sealant will give you the extra protection you’re looking for and reduce the number of Autoglym Super Resin Polish applications you’ll need to repeat.

Cost per application

Like most Autoglym products, SRP is very good value for money. You can pick up 325ml for £9 on Amazon with even more value coming from the 1litre bottle at £12.99 like this one. 

Autoglym and Halfords regularly have 3 for 2 or discounts that include SRP giving you even more bang for your buck. 

On this SQ5 I used less than 100ml which works out at roughly £1. For the gloss and small amount of protection you get from an easy to apply the product, it’s great value!


Overall, I’m pleased with the results produced from 30 minutes of elbow grease and just one application of Autoglym Super Resin Polish. The paint looks glossy again and swirls have been reduced. 

The application process is easy (as long as you watch out for plastic trim) and it’s great value for money. The wax within the product will give your gloss added depth and add some protection. For a short term shine, Autoglym SRP does a great job. 


How should I apply Autoglym Super Resin Polish? 

Application can be done by hand or using a machine polisher. Apply in thin even layers across the paintwork in overlapping circles.

How easy is it to remove Autoglym SRP? 

Removal is simple. Using a soft clean microfibre cloth rub the ‘hazed’ polish off the paint gently. There should be no streaks or polish left on the paint. If it's died too much, then use a quick detailer to spray over and wipe.

What should I watch out for when applying Autoglym SRP?

Never apply in direct sunlight or to hot panels. SRP is difficult to remove if it gets on to non painted plastic trim so either mask these areas or take your time to stay away from them.

How long do I need to wait before applying a wax on top? 

You can apply a wax straight after removing SRP. No need to wait as the product cures very quickly, which is one of the many benefits of Autoglym Super Resin Polish. 

How long will the Autoglym SRP last? 

This depends on numerous different factors but for a daily driver, you will be fine re-applying SRP every other wash. 

Autoglym SRP: Final Thoughts

Super Resin Polish is a well-established member of the Autoglym line-up and was at one time the ‘go to’ polish for every car enthusiast. The results are instantly noticeable and the application is nice and simple. 

As an all-rounder with great value for money, it’s hard to beat. 

Is it the best polish on the market now? Probably not. Does it still have a place on most enthusiast’s shelf? Absolutely! 

For gloss, depth, and some filling and protection SRP does a brilliant job. There will be some brand snobbery in the detailing circles over it being an Autoglym product, but if you can ignore that you’ll be very pleased with the results. 

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Autoglym Super Resin Polish, 1L – High Performance Car Polish for Detailing and Maximum Gloss Finish
  • Super Resin car polish removes light scratches, scuffs and marks while providing long lasting protection and outstanding shine
  • Easy to use car polishing product suitable for all paint types and all paint colors
  • Buff to a deep shine with an Autoglym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth or Mitt for

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