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There are now a ton of accessories that can be used for multiple jobs within the car detailing sector. I will admit, some are better than others, but each has been designed to try and make a detailers life a little easier.

I actually love the accessories side of the industry as I’m a bit of a geek, so like testing new products. Below I’ve got a number of articles that are related to car detailing accessories that I think you will like.

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What Accessories Do Car Detailers Use?

There are tons of accessories that I’ve used over the years. Most of the tools in my workshop could be classed as accessories and with it, each makes my life that little bit easier.

Buckets and grit guards are likely top of the list for any detailer. A bucket is a bucket, right? Well, yes it is, but you want to invest in something sturdy that is capable of holding a lot of water. I’ve tested many and had many break, which is highly frustrating when you’re just about to start work.

A grit guard is another accessory that I think is massively important. They sit in the bottom of the bucket and they try dirt from your wash mitt and keep it at the bottom instead of swirling around.

Some people think they are a bit of a gimmick, but even if they just trap a couple of particles of dirt more than without, that’s good enough for me.

My microfibre towels are next on the list and these are something that no detailer can do without. I have a ton of these and each does a different job. They include:

  • Drying towel
  • Buffing cloths
  • Glass cloths
  • Engine/tyre cloths
  • Interior cloths
  • Wash mitts

I tend to sort these into different jobs. So a cloth for wheels or engines will never, ever be used on paint. What usually happens is that older towels such as drying and buffing cloths get downgraded to the interior, engine or wheels as they degrade.

Finally, my next go-to accessory is that of my pressure washer. It is possible to detail a car without one, but it makes life so much easier using one.

They are pretty accessible now and I ran a £50 Karcher K2 for many years without any problems at all. Admittedly, I’ve upgraded since then and run a Kranle K7122 now, which is the best one I’ve tested to date.

Prep My Car