Gtechniq WM2 Wash Mitt: Real World Test And Review

The WM2 wash mitt from Gtechniq is a popular synthetic wash mitt to wash your car easily and safely. It fits on the hand comfortably to allow for easy intricate cleaning with a reduced risk of dropping the mitt. It is easily cleaned, and with a quality shampoo, glides across the paintwork. The fabric strands are around 0.5 inches long, which does limit the total volume of soapy water held in comparison to wash pads. 

Prepmycar Rating: 8.5 / 10

Gtechniq Car Cleaning Microfibre Cloth Wash Mitt with Inner Foam Core, Dirt Trapping Fibres, Comfortable Low Friction Glide Cleaning Mitt, Car Accessories for Car Detailing Kit

Gtechniq WM2 Wash Mitt

  • 9.0 Ergonomics
  • 7.0  Absorbency
  • 9.5 Built Quality
  • 9.0 Dirt Removal
  • 8.0 Value for money


  • Has a cuff that closes around the wrist, making it less likely to be accidentally dropped
  • Longer lifespan than other mitts
  • Easy to remove dirt from the mitt using running water
  • It can be used on all exterior surfaces


  • Not as absorbent as other wash products

Testing process

I have owned my WM2 wash mitt for over two years, and it has been used on a variety of vehicles, surfaces, and with multiple shampoos. This is my go-to wash mitt for using Meguiar’s Wash Plus, which is applied directly to the mitt, but it is also frequently used with the conventional bucket method. 

I use my normal wash process, prewashing the vehicle and then contact washing from top to bottom. When the mitt is dirty, I use running water to rinse it out before getting more suds, but a clean bucket of water can also be used. In testing, I am looking for how easily dirt is removed, but also how easy the mitt is to rinse out, how well it agitates the shampoo, and also safety in terms of whether I think it might be inflicting swirl marks into the paint. 

Test Results

Ergonomics 9.0/10

I tend to favour mitts for ergonomics, as I am less likely to drop them when washing. This mitt fits well and has a cuff that closes around the wrist making it less likely to be accidentally dropped. It is also easy to clean intricate areas such as wing mirrors and grills. The cuff does however feel quite rough, certainly compared to the rest of the mitt, so I would make an effort not to rub the cuff across the paint. 

Absorbency 7.0/10

This mitt is definitely not as absorbent as other wash products. I think this is mainly because the fibres are shorter and less dense that in some other wash media, such as the Adam’s Wash Pad. It does still have enough capacity for one or two panels, which is probably the most that should be washed before rinsing and re-dunking in the bucket. 

Built Quality 9.5/10

I can attest to the longevity of this wash pad given the number of times it has been used and washed. It is often used on the dirtiest of jobs and has also been used on some agricultural vehicles, the strands are still in good condition, with the wash mitt still looking much like new. 

Dirt Removal 9.0/10

Again, this is a strong performer in this area, the fibres agitate the shampoo well, enhancing the cleaning ability of the shampoo. As mentioned, I really like to use this shampoo with Meguiar’s Wash Plus applied directly to the mitt, which I have found gives among the best cleaning power of any combination. It was also pretty easy to remove dirt from the mitt using running water from my pressure water. 

Value for money 8.0/10

The WM2 is available for £12.25 ($13.89 USD) from Gtechniq’s online store, and I have not seen prices vary very much from this. It is expensive for one wash mitt, the popular ‘noodle’ mitts available at most car parts stores are normally a third of the price. With that said the quality of this product is superior to any I have seen, so I would certainly pay that price again for another one. 

Specialist features

This mitt features fibres of varying lengths which aids the removal of dirt safely to reduce the risk of swirl marks. It can be used on all exterior surfaces, but a separate mitt should be used for wheels. 


Gtechniq are a British surface science brand that sell specialist surface protection solutions globally. They were founded by a quantum physicist, so the products have been engineered to deliver excellent performance. They make coatings for the automotive and marine markets, as well as cleaning products chemicals and accessories. 

Final thoughts 

This is certainly a wash mitt worth considering for anyone looking to purchase one. It has proved to be a reliable tool for regular detailing, with the cleaning ability and quality setting it well apart from many cheaper options. I like how it is easier to clean out than other long strand wash mitts or pads, giving a safer overall wash. I would suggest the cuff be made of a softer material to reduce the chance of this causing swirls, but it does not detract from the quality of the product. 


Is the Gtechniq wash mitt lambswool?

No, it is a synthetic polyester blend.

Is the Gtechniq wash mitt safe to use?

Yes, it is soft on paintwork, but it is important to use a quality shampoo and to rinse the mitt regularly.

Is a wash mitt better than a wash pad?

It really comes down to personal preference, a mitt will be easier to manipulate and clean tight areas, while a pad will generally be larger and hold more suds but be more easily dropped.

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Gtechniq Car Cleaning Microfibre Cloth Wash Mitt with Inner Foam Core, Dirt Trapping Fibres, Comfortable Low Friction Glide Cleaning Mitt, Car Accessories for Car Detailing Kit
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