Meguiar’s Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner : Real World Test And Review

Ultimate All Wheel cleaner is Meguiar’s flagship wheel cleaner. It contains an active fallout remover, turning the cleaner red as it comes in contact with brake dust and other iron fallout. It can be used as a contactless cleaner on lightly soiled wheels or to speed up contact cleaning. 

It is available in many UK car parts shops and is widely sold online. 

Prepmycar Rating: 7.0 / 10

Meguiar's G180124EU Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner Iron Remover 709ml, Changes colour as it cleans!, Brown, purple

Meguiar’s Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner

  • 7.0 Iron Fallout Removal
  • 8.0 Cleaning Power
  • 6.0 Spray Rinse
  • 6.5 Value for Money
  • 7.5 Bottle Ergonomics


  • Easy to use while still giving effective cleaning
  • Helps to remove embedded brake dust It is also pH-balanced, so it is s
  • Safe to use on all wheel surfaces, including chrome


  • Not a Budget Friendly
  • Needs high water pressure to rinse off the soiled wheel

Testing Process

I tested Ultimate All Wheel on several different types of alloys. I used my pressure washer to spray the wheels to rinse any loose dirt before liberally spraying the wheel cleaner onto the surface of the wheels and around the barrels.

After leaving it to dwell for a few minutes, I sprayed one spritz into a detailing brush and agitated the face of the wheel.

I also used an EZ Detail brush to clean the barrels of the wheel. It is best to use this cleaner on a dry day out of direct sunlight.

If working in sunlight is unavoidable, I would work quicker to ensure the cleaner does not bake onto the wheel. 

The bottle says to spray on dry wheels, I have issue with this as it will lead to a lot of product being wasted. If I can remove excess dust using water alone, I will.

Test Results

Iron Fallout Removal (7.0/10)

All Wheel cleaner contains an active fallout remover, meaning it turns red as it reacts with iron fallout.

Brake dust is made up of iron fillings, so it is helpful for the wheel cleaner to target these. Testing did see areas of reaction on the wheels; however, it was not as quick as I expected. While there is a fallout remover in it, it is not as efficient as a dedicated fallout remover. 

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Cleaning Power (8.0/10)

The wheel cleaner did effectively remove contamination on moderately soiled wheels, with the active iron fallout remover helping in this.

When agitated, it foamed up well helping to remove dirt, including in the barrels. I also used it as a tyre cleaner, although it did not perform as well in this as other wheel cleaners or dedicated tyre cleaners.

Spray Rinse (6.0/10)

On lightly soiled wheels, the cleaner can be sprayed on, allowed to dwell, and rinsed off with high-pressure water. On dirtier wheels, however, a large amount of cleaner would be needed to fully soak the wheel, and it does require agitation to remove more stubborn dirt. 

Value for Money (6.5/10)

The Ultimate wheel cleaner is sold in 709 ml (24 fl. oz.) bottles and usually retails for around £13.00 ($14.69 USD), although they can often be found on offer.

The spray head pumps roughly 1 ml of product per spray. I tend to give around five sprays per wheel, although more is needed for very dirty wheels.

If roughly 25 ml of cleaner is used per car, this bottle will be enough for 28 cars, at a cost of 46p ($0.52 USD) per use.

This seems inexpensive but is still more expensive than other wheel cleaners. This cleaner is ready to use, so it cannot be diluted with water. 

Bottle Ergonomics (7.5/10)

With the bottle having only 709 ml, it is noticeably lighter than other brand’s bottles, which are often 1 litre.

The bottle is shaped fit comfortably in a hand, the trigger is also of good quality. The base of the bottle is only about 1 inch thick, so it easily tipped over, even by a light gust of wind. The scent of the product is not unpleasant or overpowering. 

Specialist Features

As mentioned, the cleaner contains an active fallout remover, which helps to remove embedded brake dust. It is also pH-balanced, so it is safe to use on all wheel surfaces, including chrome. Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is quite viscous, giving it a longer dwell time on the surface. 


Meguiar’s are a household name in detailing, based in the USA, they sell products worldwide. They have one of the broadest ranges of any manufacturer, with products catering for hobbyists, detailers, and body shops. They also make a marine range. 

Final Thoughts 

Meguiar’s offering to the colour changing wheel cleaners is certainly respectable, it is easy to use while still giving effective cleaning.

It is a product that is perhaps best suited to those who are looking to make cleaning their own car easier without descending down the ‘rabbit hole’ of detailing.

It is widely available in many car parts stores in the UK which helps in this regard. 

For those with more experience in detailing, this wheel cleaner will probably not offer anything new, concentrate wheel cleaners offer better value and still match it for performance.

In terms of ‘bleeding’ wheel cleaners, I do not think this product compares with the likes of Bilt Hamber Autowheel, which remains one of my top picks. 


Is Meguiar’s Ultimate All Wheel cleaner acidic?

No, it is pH balanced and is safe for all wheel surfaces, including chrome.

Is Ultimate wheel cleaner good value?

Using Ultimate wheel cleaner works out at around 50 p per use. While this is not a massive expense, it is more expensive than other cleaners on the market.

Can Ultimate Wheel cleaner be used on paint?

While it can be safely used on paint as a fallout remover, a dedicated product will be much more effective at removing iron deposits.

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Meguiar’s G180124EU Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner Iron Remover 709ml, Changes colour as it cleans!, Brown, purple
  • Ultimate wheel cleaner active gel quickly dissolves heavy brake dust, changing colour to purple as it cleans
  • pH BALANCED: Safe on all wheels; the formula is acid-free and pH balanced
  • TOUGH: The Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner is tough on road grime and dirt, with advanced chemistry that blends road-grime-attacking surfactants with…

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