Poorboy’s World Black Hole Review

For those looking to improve the finish of a dark coloured vehicle without paying for a professional detail, Poorboy’s World Black Hole is a great product to consider. This cleaner glaze is able to clean the surface of the paint and leave behind a deep gloss finish, which it achieves by filling in imperfections in the paintwork, to give a temporary solution. It can be applied quickly and can also be applied in warm conditions, before adding wax or sealant on top.

Prepmycar Rating: 7.8 / 10


Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze

9 Ease of Use
6.5 Filling
7.5  Durability
8   Value for Money



  • Covers defects really well
  • Great value for money
  • A trusted brand that often goes under the radar
  • Very easy to use


  • You will need a sealant or wax over the top
  • Can struggle to fill very deep scratches

Testing Process

This is a product I have used on my several times, so I know what situations this product works well in. I tested it on a black bonnet that had moderate swirl marks and signs of fading.

Before applying the glaze, I fully decontaminated the panel with tar and fallout removers before using a clay bar to ensure a clean surface.

I applied a dot of the glaze to the microfibre applicator about the size of a penny (enough for roughly 40 cm x 40 cm), before working it by hand into the surface using circular motions. After leaving for a few minutes, I wiped away the residue.

As this is a glaze as opposed to an abrasive, I think application by hand is the way to go, but a machine polisher with a soft foam pad can also be used. I tested this indoors on a cool panel, but it can also be used in warm conditions outdoors.

Poorboy’s World Black Hole – Ease of Use

Black Hole is a foolproof product and is very easy to use. It is quick to apply by hand and hazes quickly. Once hazed it can be wiped away easily with a microfibre towel without leaving any residue. Less is more with Black Hole, as using too much product can make the residue difficult to remove.

While not a necessity for detailing products, I think this is one of the nicest smelling products on the market, which makes for an enjoyable user experience.


When talking about glazes, it is important not to compare them with polishing compounds. A glaze cannot remove a scratch; only fill it in.

Black Hole makes a noticeable visual improvement to the surface of the paint, black paint looks blacker, and the surface is more reflective overall. The surface also feels smoother to the touch after application.

Filling Capabilities

Not all swirl marks have been filled in, only the very fine ones. Any marring caused by the clay bar has been covered up by the glaze. In ambient lighting, there is a visible contrast between the section that was glazed and the section that was not, as shown below.

While the deeper marks remain, the paint certainly looks better.


Black Hole is not a product that can be used by itself but rather will need to be topped with a wax or sealant. The problem is that using Black Hole will reduce the durability of the wax on top as it will not be able to bond to bare paint.

I think the benefits of using Black Hole outweigh the negatives in this regard. In my experience, after three or four months, the product will need to be reapplied and a wax readded. Full decontamination prior to application will help extend durability. Check this decontamination article for more information on how to do this.

Value for Money

Bottles are normally available in 16 fl. oz. sizes or 473 ml for around £15 ($18.25 USD). As I said, not a lot of product is needed to achieve good results, and I estimate 30g – 40g would be more than enough to cover an entire car.

I have only ever bought one bottle and have used it on plenty of cars. Based on that estimate, it would cost just over £1 ($1.21 USD) to apply this product to an average-sized car.  Some retailers do have 32 oz bottles available, which would offer even greater value for money.

Specialist Features

This glaze is intended to be used on dark-coloured paintwork, but another product is available from Poorboy’s world for light-coloured paints. Whilst you can use this on both, I would definitely check out the light one for lighter paint.

About Poorboy’s World

Poor Boys are a US brand, and their chemicals are made in the USA. They make a range of detailing products catering for the enthusiast detailer, with a greater focus on quality over label design and marketing.

They’re pretty low-key in terms of their branding, but then, that’s the whole point of the brand. They design affordable detailing products that work, which is admirable.


Does Poorboy’s Black Hole remove scratches?

No, it is a glaze as opposed to an abrasive. It will be able to fill in some swirl marks but will not be able to remove or even fill deeper scratches.

Does Poorboy’s Black Hole contain wax?

No, it needs to have a wax or sealant applied on top of it. This is a glaze that contains fillers which in turn will cover up a lot of paint defects.

Will Poorboy’s Black Hole work on a white car?

Poorboy’s make a specific glaze for lighter paints called White Diamond, which would be better suited to a lighter coloured car. However, technically you could use this on any coloured car with good results.

Can Poorboy’s World Black Hole be used with a machine polisher?

Yes, it can be used with a soft foam pad and a low-speed setting. I often use it by hand however for convenience sake.

Poorboy’s World Black Hole – Final Thoughts

Poorboy’s World Black Hole is a product I use fairly regularly. I always like to have it on hand as the results it can produce in a short period of time are impressive. As I mentioned, I do enjoy the smell, even though it has no reflection on how well the product works.

I’ve had good results topping Black Hole with Sonax BSD, a quick detailer with very good sealing and hydrophobic properties, so that is a combination I would recommend. I would not classify this as a ‘must-have’ for every detailer or enthusiast, but if a full paint correction is not feasible for whatever reason, this is definitely a product to consider.

  • This glaze cleans and fills light swirl marks to leave a brilliant, glossy, slick show car shine
  • Formulated exclusively for dark colored vehicles

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