Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam: Real World Test and Review

Avalanche is a citrus-infused snow foam from Autofinesse. It creates a thick blanket of foam on a vehicle, loosening dirt to allow for a safer contact wash. Avalanche performed reasonably well as a pre-wash but falls behind competitors in value for money. 

Prepmycar Rating: 7.7 / 10

Auto Finesse Avalanche snow foam, 5L

Auto Finesse Avalanche snow foam

  • 7.0 Cleaning Power
  • 9.0 Foam Levels
  • 8.5 Ease of Use
  • 6  Value for Money
  • 8 Concentration


  • Citrus infused for extra cleaning power
  • PH neutral


  • Good but more expensive than comparable products.

Testing process

I use a generic brass foam cannon and a Kärcher K4 pressure washer

Following instructions on the bottle, I added about an inch of foam at the bottom of the bottle and filled the rest of the bottle with water. This worked out at about 150 ml of foam and 850 ml of water. 

I then sprayed the snow foam onto the car with the nozzle set to maximum concentration. I did not pre-rinse the car on this occasion to get a better idea of the cleaning power of the product. 

I tested this product on dry days, with cloudy overcast, meaning the car panels were cool to the touch. I left the product for about 5 minutes, by which stage most of the product had run off, before rinsing and proceeding with a contact wash. 

Cleaning power (7.0/10)

Snow foams are generally intended to be used on cars with a layer of protection, making them easier to clean. Avalanche is citrus-infused, giving it a bit of extra bite when cleaning. The foam loosened a significant amount of dirt, which was easier to remove with the pressure washer than areas that had not been foamed. The surface was not spotless, but that was not expected. Avalanche will not strip waxes or sealants and is safe for regular use. 

Foam Levels (9.0/10) 

Even using just 150 ml of foam, Avalanche produces a thick blanket of suds. This means the foam can be left on the surface for longer without drying, allowing other jobs to be done in the meantime.

Using 250 ml of foam will produce almost shaving foam consistency, which gives an even longer dwell time, and is great for Instagram shots.

Ease of use (8.5/10) 

Avalanche is pretty simple to use, the longer dwell time is very forgiving for novice users. 

Auto Finesse does not provide any recommendations for Panel Impact Ratio calculations, rather suggesting users add 1 inch to their foam cannon. My only issue with this is that as all pressure washers and lances are different, it could lead to inconsistency between different users. 

Avalanche is citrus-scented, making it pleasant to use in this respect. 

Value for money (6/10)

Avalanche is sold in 500 ml, 1 litre and 5 litre containers, with the 5 litre jerrycan offering the best value for money. 

5-litre bottles usually cost around £30.00 ($33.49 USD), by the time I had foamed up the wheel arches and the entirety of a medium car, I had used almost all of the foam reservoir, so 150 ml a wash means a 5 litre container will give 33 washes, at £0.90 ($1.00 USD) per wash. This is slightly more than other snow foams, and the value for money will decrease if more foam is used or if a smaller bottle is bought. The 500 ml bottle represents the worst value, at £2.70 ($3.01 USD) per wash.


Avalanche is sold concentrated and needs to be diluted with water before use. The recommended 1 inch of foam in the lance worked well for me and is comparable to many other foams, users can increase the concentration for a thicker foam if desired. 

Specialist features

Avalanche functions much like any other snow foam, loosening dirt before a contact wash to reduce the chances of swirls and marring. The added citrus in this product helps to break down dirt quickly. It is not designed to be used as a contact shampoo; Lather is Auto Finesse’s shampoo, which will offer better lubrication for the mitt than Avalanche. 

Auto Finesse Brand Details

Auto Finesse is a British brand producing detailing chemicals and tools, as well as offering training courses at their headquarters. Their products are simple to use and are generally aimed towards beginner detailers and car enthusiasts. Their products are widely available in the UK, sold by most car care and auto parts shops.

My Final Thoughts

Avalanche was one of the first detailing products I bought a few years ago and while it was easy to use and performed reasonably well, I soon found products that performed just as well if not better for considerably cheaper, which is ultimately the reason I do not use Avalanche regularly. 

This is a good snow foam for those who want to buy a product off the shelf, as it is widely available and comes with very simple instructions. It leaves a nice thick foam, which I think makes the product more pleasant to use. I am happy with how Avalanche performed; I would just like to see the price come down slightly. 


Is Avalanche pH neutral?

Yes, it is gentle enough not to strip waxes or sealants.

What ratio should Auto Finesse Avalanche be diluted at?

Auto Finesse do not provide dilution ratios for the product, suggesting users add around an inch of product to the lance. My testing showed a PIR of around 1-2% was sufficient to achieve good cleaning and foam thickness.

Do you need a pressure washer to use Avalanche?

Yes, and a good foam lance as well. If you do not have access to a pressure washer, you can check our article on washing a car without a pressure washer.

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Auto Finesse Avalanche snow foam, 5L
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Auto Finesse Avalanche snow foam, 5L
  • A thick foam to cleanse paintwork of road contaminants.
  • Citrus infused.
  • Loosens dirt and road grime safely.

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