Bissell SpotClean Pro Review

The Bissell Spotclean Pro is a surprisingly powerful machine for its size. It performed better than some of its larger rivals and for the price of the unit, it is very good value for money.

Being so compact I would also recommend it for professional detailers/valeters as the unit works well with prolonged use.

Prepmycar Rating: 7.6 / 10

BISSELL SpotClean Pro | Our Most Powerful Portable Carpet Cleaner & Wash & Protect Formula | For Use With All Leading Upright Carpet Cleaners | Scotchgard Protection | 1086N

Bissell SpotClean Pro Test Results

  • 7.5 Stain Removal
  • Accessories and Utensils
  • 8.5 Ease of Use
  • 5.5  Tank Size
  • 7.5  Value for Money
  • 8 Build Quality


  • Good cleaning power
  • Great for removing spot stains
  • Very Easy to use
  • Large water tank limiting refill time


  • Lack of accessories
  • Fairly expensive

Bissell SpotClean Pro – Testing Process

For my review of the Bissell Spotclean, I decided to give my car mats a clean as they were looking a bit worse for wear. I decided to bring them indoors for my test as it was freezing cold and snowing outside.

The instructions on the Bissell shampoo give two dilution ratios, 74ml (fill to line 1 on the tank) or 148ml (fill to line 2 on the tank) they suggest that doubling the quantity of concentrate will double the cleaning power.

I went ahead with 74ml to see how strong the shampoo was at their minimum recommended ratio.

Stain Removal

My car mat was covered in mud that had been trodden in to the fibres, being honest I wouldn’t say it was the most heavily soiled of mats that I have ever seen but realistically most people wouldn’t really let their mats get much worse than these so I think it is a fair test.

I started by spraying the mats to saturate it with the shampoo solution, keeping the nozzle of the Spotclean lifted away from the mat as I didn’t want to agitate it just yet before I’d completely soaked the fibres and allowed it to soak in.

After around 2 minutes of dwell time, I started my first pass along the right hand edge of the mat, where the most dirt seemed to be and I honestly was astounded at how well the machine worked. One pass had made the fibres look brand new, and I could actually feel the dirty water being sucked up through the handle of the Spotclean, a very satisfying feeling I must say.

I didn’t need to do more than two passes over any one area of the mat to lift the dirt, however I did do multiple passes without pressing the solution release button so that I could remove as much moisture as possible from the mat to aid in drying time.

Accessories and Utensils

This is quite a straightforward section for me, there are two areas of improvement that I think would make the Bissell jump from being a very good machine to being the best spot cleaner available.

First improvement being a longer hose. Bissell mention that the new version of their spot cleaner (pro) has a new and improved 1.5 metre hose, whilst this is an improvement it just still didn’t feel long enough for me, its one of those occasions where length does matter lol.

So, imagine you are using the Spotclean outside at your car, the body of the machine is sat on the floor outside of the vehicle, would you have enough hose to reach and manoeuvre around the floor? Personally, I don’t think I would, which means I would either have to lift the body into the car and hold it or leave it on a seat whilst I clean. Both situations wouldn’t be ideal.

More length please Bissell!!

The second improvement would be more attachments.

The Spotclean pro comes with an 8cm narrow head and a 15cm wide head, both with fixed brushes attached and both work exactly the same. The narrow head seemed to work better for me as the suction felt more concentrated.

Now on the Bissell website they sell a range of different attachments for the Spotclean, one of which is a power brush head meaning more carpet agitation and more cleaning power. Why can’t they include that into the box? I think this is a case of profiteering because I honestly believe that giving the customers the tools to achieve the best possible outcome would put the Bissell leagues ahead of the rival spot cleaners on the market.

The ‘Turbo Brush’ attachment is actually quite reasonably priced at £24.99, and when you consider that they also sell the wider 15cm head at £19.99, it wouldn’t break the bank to swap the wider one for the turbo head and give customers a better range of attachments.

So, for this reason I will be marking them slightly lower than I would have done if they had included the Turbo head attachment which is a shame.

Ease of Use

The Bissell Spotclean pro was really easy to set up. No more difficult than using a vacuum in my opinion.

The tanks are clearly labelled clean water and dirty water and lift away without having to press or release any buttons.

There is a handy cord tidy to keep both the hose and the power cord neatly stored on either side of the machine, and a holder for the handle/head of the nozzle.

I used the vacuum for approximately 15 minutes continuously without any change in operation or visible difference to its operating power so I can’t envisage their being any problems with longer use.

I would recommend that after you have finished using the Spotclean, fill a jug with clean water and vacuum the clean water up through the unit to clean out the internals.  You can submerge the head of the handle into the water with no issues whatsoever.

I filled a 1ltr jug 3 times before the waste water was coming out completely clear so you will definitely want to do this in order to maintain the longevity of the machine.

I really can’t think of any improvements when it comes to using the Spotclean and I think that Bissell have done an amazing job at designing the unit.

Tank Size

The clean water tank has a capacity of 2.9ltrs and the dirty water tank capacity is 3.5ltrs. I think for a spot-cleaner this is more than sufficient and was pleasantly surprised at how little clean water was used during my clean.

It’s worth noting that any remaining clean water solution can safely be left in the tank for your next job and it wont leak or spill out, making it a very economical unit.

I think its worth mentioning some more specifications here also.

The overall weight of the unit is 5.9kgs.

The power cord length is 6.5 metres.

The power is 750 watts.

The dimensions of the unit are 36cm wide, 35.6cm height and 25cm depth, so it really is quite a compact unit.

It also comes with a healthy 3 year warranty suggesting that the unit is well made and that Bissell have confidence in the build quality.

Value for Money

The RRP for the Spotclean Pro on Bissells website is £149.99, and their shampoo RRP is £19.99 for one 1.5ltr bottle.

If we work on the 74ml ratio this would give a cost per application price of 99p. If you used 148ml it would cost £1.98 per application.

It is worth noting that Bissell seem to have a continuous 2 for 3 offer on their website for the shampoos.

Taking into consideration the above cost per applications I think that it is a really cost effective process considering the excellent cleaning capability and ease of use.

Build Quality

The Spotclean Pro felt really well made. Bissell are known for making extremely good quality products and considering that floor cleaners are their speciality I wouldn’t expect anything less.

The unit feels sturdy and robust and would be ideal for both home and professional use.

The noise levels of the unit are comparable to a standard home vacuum, if not a little quieter so I can’t see this being an issue when used for long periods of time.

About Brand and their specialist area

Bissell are not newcomers when it comes to cleaning. They have been in business for 140 years, developing all manner of floor cleaning solutions.

They have a multitude of different floor cleaners for all kinds of applications and also produce a large range of shampoos to compliment them.

They specialise in the area of wet/dry vacuums and this can really be seen when you use one of their products. They are extremely well made, robust and well thought out. This kind of quality and design can only come with years of experience and it really shows.

I would personally say that compared to other well known brands in the same genre, Bissell are well up there with the best. I wouldn’t worry about spending my well earned money on one of their products as I know that I am purchasing something that I can be confident will do the job well.


Can the Bissell SpotCleaner Pro be used for car detailing?

Yes, it works great for use on cars. It's portable and it also cleans brilliantly, meaning that you can get into all the hard to reach places.

Is Rug Doctor better than Bissell?

For car detailing, no. The Bissell is a more portable machine which is what you need for most cars. The Rug Doctor, whilst good, is a little more cumbersome.

Can the Bissell SpotCleaner be used as just a vacuum on its own?

Yes, you can use this as both a wet/dry vac for spot cleaning and even larger jobs. It's a highly versatile machine.

Bissell SpotClean Pro – Final Thoughts

My overall thoughts on the Bissell Spotclean Pro are that it is a very capable, well designed and great value spot-cleaner. It is perfect for the car cleaning industry whether professional or weekend warrior.

I struggled to think of anything I would change on the unit other than the length of the hose and the inclusion of the Turbo head attachment but this doesn’t take away from the fact that as a spot-cleaner, it performs extremely well.

I am more than happy to carry on using this for both home and car cleaning and would purchase one again if needed.

BISSELL SpotClean Pro | Our Most Powerful Portable Carpet Cleaner & Wash & Protect Formula | For Use With All Leading Upright Carpet Cleaners | Scotchgard Protection | 1086N
2,669 Reviews
BISSELL SpotClean Pro | Our Most Powerful Portable Carpet Cleaner & Wash & Protect Formula | For Use With All Leading Upright Carpet Cleaners | Scotchgard Protection | 1086N
  • Product 1: Remove stains like a pro: This professional-style spot cleaner uses water, formula and powerful suction to clean and protect soft surfaces
  • Product 1: Clean anywhere, anytime: spray, scrub and lift spots and stains from carpets, rugs, upholstery, stairs, auto interiors and more
  • Product 1: Large, seperate clean and dirty water tanks result in greater cleaning capabilities with less trips to the sinks

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