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How Are Product Reviews Conducted?

I try and test each product as best I can given the tools and locations that I have at my disposal. I can’t always clean cars in a massive garage or even make multiple comparisons on different cars.

However, what you get is a real-world review and something that I think most people are going to be able to relate to. I report what I see, come in with no heirs or graces and no biased to any products.

If it’s good, I will tell you. If it’s bad, I will tell you. If there is something that I think can do this job better, then I will tell you.

How Are Products Acquired?

The key thing to note from my product reviews is that every single product you see on the site I have bought out of my own back pocket. This means that I’m not linked with any detailing companies at all and don’t get any money from them to review their products.

I can’t say that at no point down the line things will not get sent to me. If they do, then great, as who doesn’t love free stuff? But this won’t be to the expense of having to give a biased review. If a manufacturer is not happy with a review, then tough.

What Happens With Products After Review?

Once products have been reviewed, they are going to come up for sale at a massively reduced price than what I paid. They will be used, so the price will reflect this.

I hope that some of the money recouped from this will mean that I can keep turning it over to get new products to test. Given these things can be very expensive (machine polishers are often several hundreds of pounds) it’s a necessary requirement, as much as I would to keep them all.

Prep My Car