FinishKare Hi Temp Paste Wax: Real World Test And Review

FinishKare Hi Temp Paste Wax is a blended synthetic wax that is super easy to apply and buff off to an extremely high shine.

I tested FinishKare Hi-Temp Paste Wax on some alloy wheels and found it to be a good quality wax with exceptional gloss and an extremely low cost per application.

On the other hand, I did feel it lacked a bit in hydrophobicity compared to other waxes I use, but FinishKare Hi Temp Paste Wax is also so versatile it more than makes up for it in shear usability on pretty much everything apart from trims.

It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including all types of alloy wheels, paintwork, chrome, stainless steel, carbon fibre and fibreglass. It’s a good high-quality wax to have around in the garage for odd jobs and various projects.

Having a high melting point means that this wax is perfect for protection from extreme heat and other types of harsh elements that are found within the Automotive, Aeronautic and Marine industries.

It’s a good wax for most people in any climate, but it’s probably going to be one of the best choices available for people living in countries with hot summers like Australia or desert states in the USA like Arizona.

If you are interested in this wax, read on. This article contains all the info on this wax that you need to know to see if it is right for you.

Prepmycar Rating: 7.3 / 10

Finish Kare FK-1000 Finish Kare Hi-Temp Carnauba Paste Wax

FinishKare Hi Temp Paste Wax

  • 8.0 Ease of Application
  • 8.0 Aesthetics
  • 5.5 Hydrophobicity
  • 7.0 Durability
  • 8.5 Value for Money
  • 7.0 Product Presentation


  • Easy to apply
  • Can use it on just about any surface to protect and add great levels of gloss and shine
  • Extremely capable sealant


  • Low repellency
  • Low Durability

Testing Process

For my review of FinishKare, I first decontaminated the alloy wheels using a fallout remover and a wheel shampoo, then completely dried the wheels with a drying towel.

Conditions outside were perfect, dry and sunny but with enough shade to keep the process safe.

I used be using a 411g tin (14.5Oz) of FinishKare for the review, and for each wheel, this would equate to roughly 2/3 full turns of a foam applicator pad in the tin. This is barely any product.

A small amount of wax is all that is needed per wheel.

Test Results

Ease of Application (8.0/10)

FinishKare is a hard wax, yet unlike some hard waxes, it was so easy to apply. I used a damp foam applicator that has been squeezed out before applying a couple of full rotations full of wax to the pad.

The first thing I noticed was how well the applicator picked up the wax from the tin, whilst it still stayed hard, the wax seemed almost creamy in consistency when I removed the applicator pad.

The creamy consistency helped with the application onto the alloy wheel, carrying out small circular movements across the metal was easy, and the pad glided effortlessly around the more detailed areas of the alloy.

There was a very slight residue left behind on the metal, almost like a haze effect, and this seemed to increase the longer the cure time continued.

FinishKare recommends leaving the wax to cure fully for around 15-30 mins, so I decided to leave it for 20mins before wiping.

Wiping the residue with a clean, dry microfibre was effortless, the wax didn’t feel cloggy or sticky, and I noticed the difference in the shine immediately, even before I had buffed the alloys.

I then buffed the alloys one final time using a plush edgeless microfibre cloth and was blown away by the difference in the metal. You could literally use them as a mirror. The shine was amazing, and the metal felt so smooth and silky. I really do like this wax!

Aesthetics (8.0/10)

I’ve been fortunate enough to test quite a few waxes and own a ridiculously large range of waxes that each do different things. FinishKare Hi Temp Wax is an all round wax, you can use it on just about any surface to protect and add great levels of gloss and shine.

The alloy wheels looked blindingly shiny immediately after application, and I actually went back to look at the car later that night and I could still see the wheels shining in the artificial light from the street. 

It was amazing to see such good results from a wax that isn’t dedicated to just adding gloss. This is a practical wax before a show wax, yet it managed to produce silly levels of gloss.

Hydrophobicity (5.5/10)

When it came to repelling water, the FinishKare certainly did bead and the water did run off however I will be honest and say that the repellency was not in the same league as waxes such as Fusso, for example.

The beads produced were very small and static, there wasn’t much runoff and during the water spray test the beads did tend to stay still. 

But please bear in mind that this isn’t a show wax and doesn’t claim to be one, either. As the tin clearly states, it just ‘Does its job’, and it does it really well. 

This is the kind of wax I would imagine an old-school car enthusiast would swear by. From the design of the tin down to the smell, it’s a no-nonsense protective wax that performs its job consistently and without fuss.

Durability (7.0/10)

This is a new one for me, FinishKare doesn’t actually make any claims either on their website or the product itself saying how long the wax will last once applied.

I will admit that I haven’t come across this before, so for this reason, I’m giving it a lower rating pending a future review of its longevity. So the score may change from its current place.

I did some research myself, however, and the typically reported time frame seems to be around 5-7 months which is not bad at all. If those times are correct, then it is giving similar protection lengths as some of the more well-known and top-performing wax brands such as Collinite 476 etc.

I will be revisiting the review as I want to see how the wax stands up to normal everyday conditions rather than removing it myself. I think that a real-world trial of its durability is in the best interest of most people.

Value for Money (8.5/10)

Being a hard-paste wax, it is really difficult and would not be accurate to estimate how much wax should be used per application.

The only definite I can give you is that a small amount is all that is needed. It’s easier to add small amounts at a time of wax to the applicator than overloading the pad and then having trouble removing it from the paintwork.

I will base the costs purely on the weight of the wax (excluding the metal tin) as follows.

The unpackaged weight of my tin of wax is 411g (540g including the tin)

This makes the cost of the wax 0.063 pence ($0.01 USD) per gram which is ridiculously cheap when you consider how long this tin is going to last.

Let’s imagine you used 10 grams per wheel which would be an awful lot for a hard wax – this would still work out at roughly 6 pence ($0.67 USD) per wheel!

So considering the number of different applications you can use this wax for and the quality, then it makes it one of the most cost-effective waxes I think I’ve ever used.

Product Presentation  (7.0/10)

The wax comes in an old-school style tin, it is really sturdy, and the branding is quite basic looking – but don’t let that fool you. The wax is a quality product.

You will need a screwdriver or some type of flat-edged tool to open the lid of the wax, however, I think this isn’t that bad a thing because it helps to keep the wax airtight and protect it from spoiling.

The wax is created using a process called Synthesis, and this creates a hard, yellow-coloured wax that has a slight chemical smell. The wax does ‘butter’ when worked with an applicator pad which aids in application.

FinishKare Brand and their specialist area

FinishKare was founded in 1964 by Floyd Meguiar (yes, the same family) after he left the family business he decided to set up FinishKare.

Originally creating products for the car care industry, they later expanded into Marine & Aeronautic protection products and still provide waxes and sealants for each industry to this day.

Final Thoughts 

My final overview of the FinishKare Hi Temp Wax is that it is an extremely capable sealant with added surprises such as gloss levels and ease of use.

I’ve used loads of hard waxes in the past that have ‘grabbed’ the paintwork on application or been really difficult to remove, but the FinishKare really is a pleasure to apply.

If you follow the correct procedure mentioned in this review, I’m sure you will agree and quite possibly put the boutique waxes to one side.

I honestly can’t think of how this product could be improved. Maybe a nicer scent? But do we buy wax for its smell, or do we buy it for its results on the car? 

Some may argue that the packaging is dated and old-fashioned, and admittedly compared to some of the more ‘modern’ waxes, I guess it is. However, I like to think of this wax as an old faithful. 

Mr Meguiar knew what he was doing when he developed FinishKare wax, and I would argue that you can’t improve something that is already this good. 


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Finish Kare FK-1000 Finish Kare Hi-Temp Carnauba Paste Wax
  • Hi gloss carnauba paste car wax
  • Hi resistance and fantastic durability
  • Can withstand temperatures above 250 degrees

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