Autoglym Ultra High Definition Shampoo: Tested And Reviewed

As Autoglym’s flagship shampoo, you should expect big things from this Autoglym Ultra High Definition (UHD) offering, and at this price, it needs to deliver those big things…

Thankfully Autoglym Ultra High Definition does deliver on everything you’d expect from a quality shampoo.

It gives incredible suds, which not only look great on those Instagram pics but also help your wash mitt or pad glide across the paintwork.

It smells great, and even more importantly, it does a great job at cleaning.

Autoglym Ultra High Definition is a very good shampoo and a little pricey. I still don’t get what’s “Ultra High Definition” about it, but I love it!

Prepmycar Rating: 8.7 / 10

Autoglym Ultra High Definition Shampoo, 1 Litre - High Foaming Car Shampoo Leaves a Silky Smooth, High-Gloss Finish

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam (5 Litre)

  • 9.5 Cleaning Power
  • 9.0 Foam Levels
  • 8.5 Ease of Use
  • 9  Value for Money
  • 7.0 Cost Per Application
  • 9.0 Concentration Levels


  • Provide great lubrication for a smooth clean
  • Long-lasting, soft foam that provides a smooth and effortless clean
  • It smells good, foams well, provides a smooth feel on the paint and ultimately cleans really well
  • Contain gloss enhancers


  • Isn’t very economical and it definitely isn’t the best in the market on cost per application.

Testing Process

The Evoque I used for this test hadn’t been cleaned for months, and the paint had very little protection remaining from its last clean.

The bodywork was pre-washed with Autoglym Polar Blast snow foam which was rinsed off after dwelling. UHD shampoo can be used with any pre-wash. You don’t have to stick to the Autoglym family here.

While the foam was dwelling, I set about adding water to my rinse bucket and a small amount of water to the wash bucket before adding the shampoo (this is just my personal preference and how I’ve always done things).  

The instructions on the bottle advise 4 capfuls into 10 litres of water. I’ll admit, I eyeball this measurement now as the cap provided is a squeezy type, and I always find I have a ton of fresh soapy water left over after the car is clean if I fill my bucket.

From previous measurements, I’m adding around 30ml of shampoo per clean, which is more than enough. 

With shampoo added, I proceed with the obligatory jet wash spray into the bucket giving maximum mixing and plenty of frothy suds.

Part way through, I throw in my wash mitt (check manufacturers instructions on this as I know the Dooka pads don’t like this) and spray in a little more water to get the mitt nice and soapy.

The Evoque was then washed top to bottom using the safe two-bucket method, and as I was out of direct sunlight, all panels were washed before rinsing.

The first thing you notice about UHD is the smell which is really fresh, clean and even fruity. The second thing is the level of suds which ensures the mitt glides over the paint effortlessly. This will help reduce the chance of adding swirls and scratches into the paint as you clean.  

The suds remain constant through the cleaning of each panel and stay on the car for a nice visual sense check of where you have cleaned. As with a Snow Foam, though, you don’t want the soap to stay sitting on the car forever. You want it to ‘pull’ the dirt away, which you can see happening on the floor under the car.

After washing and rinsing, other shampoos suds have disappeared into a distant memory. Not UHD! You can see that they’re still going strong after a full clean of an Evoque.

Test Results

Cleaning Power (9.5/10)

The cleaning power of UHD is definitely one of its strengths.  UHD is able to provide great lubrication for a smooth clean whilst at the same time powering through dirt and road grime.

You can see the dirt being removed in the drips of soap as they land on the floor, and after a quick rinse, you’ll be more than satisfied with the level of clean and shine left behind.

If you don’t usually use any sort of pre-wash, then UHD will still clean your car brilliantly. The challenge you will have is that you might drag the heavy dirt around the paint, which causes swirls and scratches. If you don’t fancy the extra step of a pre-wash, you should at least pressure wash the heavy dirt first before hitting it with shampoo.

If your pre-wash is strong, UHD will do the rest for you on any leftover dirt, mud and grime.  Decontamination would still be required to remove everything from the paint. As a shampoo though, UHD cleans dirt and grime brilliantly.

Foam Levels (9.0/10)

The recommended dosage gives you loads of foam that lasts and lasts. As you use UHD more, you will get used to your own preferences on how much product and how much water you like or need. Even a small amount will give you plenty of foam and deliver a smooth feel as you clean.

Ease of Use (8.5/10)

UHD is great to work with. It smells good, foams well, provides a smooth feel on the paint and ultimately cleans really well.

The squeezy top makes it easy to add a quick glug with one hand, which is really convenient. If you follow the instructions to the letter and remove the cap, this adds an extra layer of complexity that I personally don’t follow.

My only gripe is the posh box that UHD comes in. As soon as I open the box, it gets thrown away as I don’t want to be opening the box, using the shampoo and then returning everything back to the box.

If you’re only looking after your own car and not in any rush, I can see the appeal of having your shampoo stored nearly in a nice presentation box. Personally, I’d rather they ditch the extra packaging and drop the price as a result.

Cost Per Application (7.0/10)

Autoglym Ultra High Definition cost approximately 76p ($0.84 USD) per application.

The recommended dose is 40ml per application, which works out at 76p ($0.84 USD) per clean if you paid the Autoglym price of £19.10 ($21.25 USD) for 1L.

You can pick UHD up for less on Amazon, where it’s £16 ($17.80 USD) per litre.

This still works out at 64p ($0.71 USD), which for a shampoo is pricey. Autoglym’s ‘pure’ shampoo works out at 27p ($0.30 USD) per application as a comparison, which is much cheaper. 

As you’re going to use your shampoo every time you clean your car, you can go through a bottle pretty quickly, so £19 ($21.14 USD) for 25 washes isn’t very economical, and it definitely isn’t the best in the market on cost per application.

Concentration Levels (9.0/10)

The recommended dose is 40ml per 10l of water. You can reduce this down to 25-30ml without reducing the cleaning power or the suds generated. Adding more doesn’t improve anything in terms of cleaning or foam, so it’s a pointless exercise. 

Specialist Features 

Autoglym Ultra High Definition is PH neutral, so it’s safe on your car and any protection you may already have on there. 

It does contain gloss enhancers which can definitely be seen as soon as you rinse the soap away from the paint.

I think personally that the best specialist feature is the long-lasting, soft foam that provides a smooth and effortless clean from start to finish. It is some of the best I have seen in fact.

About The Autoglym Brand And Their Specialist Area

Autoglym is a brand that needs no introduction. Their UHD shampoo, though is a relatively new product and is directly aimed at competing with the new players in the car care market.

The branding on UHD moves away from the classic Autoglym logo and font and the accompanying packaging is an attempt to make this feel like a premium product.  

I could never get on with Autoglym’s Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, which made me look for alternative shampoo brands. As soon as I tried UHD though, I knew how good it was, and I’ve used it ever since.

Final Thoughts 

Who is the best pound-for-pound boxer ever? That’s a debate that can go on forever with everyone having their own opinion on their winner.

Car shampoo causes the same sort of debate. Which is the best? What do you mean by the best? You will hear numerous examples of why one shampoo is better than another. What I can say about Autoglym UHD shampoo is that it is excellent!

It’s great to use, smells good and cleans brilliantly. You will get a nice level of gloss that, for most people, will be enough to not need to add any other layers to enhance the gloss further.

It is pricey, though, and I feel you’re paying a little extra for new branding, marketing and a posh box, which drives the price up even more.

Does it do everything you want a quality shampoo to do? Absolutely! Is it the best pound-for-pound shampoo out there? It’s definitely one of them.


Can I use UHD if my car is already protected?

Yes you can. UHD is PH neutral so won’t harm Wax, sealant or ceramic coating

Does this work through a snow foam Lance?

This is a really thick shampoo so I wouldn’t want to put it through my snowfoam Lance. Autoglym themselves don’t recommend this either

How should I used UHD shampoo?

Like any other car shampoo, UHD works best out of direct sunlight and applied to the car using a soft wash applicator, one panel at s time. It’s recommended to use safe washing methods such as having a separate wash and rinse bucket

Grab it Now Or Read More

Autoglym Ultra High Definition Shampoo, 1 Litre – High Foaming Car Shampoo Leaves a Silky Smooth, High-Gloss Finish
  • Ultra-premium car shampoo provides a luxuriously smooth finish with an invigorating, sensual fragrance
  • All new, pH neutral formula gently removes contaminants and road traffic film to produce a high-gloss finish that’s incredibly smooth to the touch
  • Autoglym’s Ultra High Definition car cleaning products turn car care into pure pleasure

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