Auto Finesse Tripple: Tested and Reviewed by An Expert

For an easy-to-use polish with fast results, Auto Finesse Tripple is a good value product worth considering for your car.

It claims to perform three functions in one application: polish, glaze and wax.

To achieve this, it has a small amount of cut for minor paint correction, glaze to fill in minor swirl marks and leaves behind a layer of wax behind. I was initially sceptical on how it would perform all of these in one application so I put it to the test in our field test for this review.

Prepmycar Rating: 7.7/10

Auto Finesse Tripple all in one polish 500ml Restores paint and removes oxidation car care automotive exterior use by hand or by machine no dust formula, easy on easy off

Auto Finesse Tripple all in one polish 500ml

  • 9.0 Ease of use
  • 8.0 Aesthetics
  • 7.0 Hydrophobicity
  • 5.5 Durability
  • 9.0 Value for money


  • Tripple removes stubborn oxidation and contamination
  • Carnauba content
  • Easy to use
  • Deep clean paintwork
  • Designed, developed & trusted by professional detailers


  • Not really durable

Read on to find out how it performed.


I field tested Auto Finesse Tripple and got surprisingly good results on my test car.

In our application tests I found that you can get solid results with this product despite this being a single application system. To be honest I was expecting this to perform worse against a proper paint correction using multiple products, so I was happy with the results.

It can be used by hand or by machine to provide a great improvement in gloss, while also producing great hydrophobicity for that water repellent glossy feeling. Really that is a huge improvement for most consumers for very little effort.

The only area where it really lacked was in durability, where we scored it 5.5 out of 10.

It is easy to use, cost-effective, and well worth the money

Despite initial hesitations about the three and one product “do it all” claim. I found it to be a perfect product for the DIY detailer who just want to get the job done quickly and easily without too much compromise on the results.

Testing process

I wanted to test how Tripple performed after being applied by both hand and by machine polisher to see how it performed for all types of hobbyist car details and professionals.

I used a car with some minor swirl marks in the paint as a test panel which is the typical type of car that this would be used on.

The test was done outdoors and the weather on the day was cool but dry, with no direct sunlight.

How To Apply Auto Finesse Tripple By Hand

  • I used a microfibre applicator pad and added three small dots of polish to the pad.
  • I used circular motions and used some pressure while working the polish into the paint.
  • With even coverage achieved, I left it to cure for a few minutes before removing residue with a microfibre cloth.
  • To test if the residue is ready to remove, I wipe my finger through the residue, if it smears, it needs more curing time, if it is wiped clean it is ready to be removed.

How To Apply Auto Finesse Tripple By Machine Application

I also used a medium cut pad with a Vertool Forced Drive polisher.

  • I spread some polish on the pad and then added five drops of polish.
  • I started the machine on a low speed and spread it over the 40 cm x 40 cm area.
  • I then increased the speed to around half the machine’s maximum and made five passes applying light pressure.
  • After this I wiped the residue with a microfibre towel.
auto finesse tripple machine application test

Auto Finesse Tripple Test Results And Scores

Ease of use (9.0/10)

One of Auto Finesse Tripple’s best selling points is how easy it is to use. I found that to be true.

Sometimes off the shelf polishes can create a lot of dusting or require a great deal of elbow grease to remove. Not so with Tripple, it is not only easy to wipe away any residue, but it does not create excessive dusting.

The polish spreads nicely across the paint, making it a pleasant product to apply and use overall.

I found Auto Finesse Tripple can be applied easily by hand, perfect for users who do not have access to machine polishers. A big tick for ease-of-use.

Aesthetics (8.0/10)

There is no arguing that using Auto Finesse Tripple improves the visual appearance of your car, while of course this is a temporarily fill, the results cannot be argued. Just check out the before and after photo below.

Even heavily swirled vehicles will benefit from hand polishing with Tripple, the results will be particularly impressive with dark cars.

I was very impressed by just how much the appearance of the paint on the car was improved after only a hand polish. Almost all the marks had been filled in, leaving a glossy finish.

Coupling Auto Finesse Tripple with a machine polisher will understandably give better results, as a small amount of cut can be achieved, removing minor swirl marks, and helping to mask others.

Results after machine polishing were even more impressive, with the paint looking near perfect.

I also have confidence that the abrasive coupled with machine polisher will have removed marks as well as filling them.

Hydrophobicity (7.0/10)

The initial hydrophobicity is good, with the water beading up well and sheeting the water reasonably quickly. After a wash, the hydrophobic properties had diminished, with the water taking considerably longer to sheet off the paint.

After auto finesse tripple application initial hydrophobicity is good, with the water beading up well and sheeting the water reasonably quickly

Durability (5.5/10)

Various claims are made online as to the durability of Tripple, from one month to three months. I washed my car 10 days after application, using pH neutral products. I noticed a significant reduction in sheeting ability, with water taking a few seconds to run off the paint, there was still protection present, but it had deteriorated. There was no significant difference between the section applied by hand or by hand.

3 weeks after application, the water behaviour had deteriorated noticeably, but the panel was still hydrophobic after a contact wash with Carpro Reset shampoo.

6 weeks after application, after a few washes over 6 weeks the hydrophobic qualities of Tripple have more or less disappeared, 6 weeks seems to be a reasonable expectation for durability.

Value for money (9.0/10)

Auto Finesse Tripple is most commonly sold in 500 ml bottles, which retail for around £12.95.

As with many detailing products less is more, a 500 ml bottle will go a long way. Polishing by hand will be the most economical way of using this product, with Autofinesse recommending a ‘coin sized’ amount for an area 45 cm x 45 cm.

I suppose it depends on what one considers ‘coin-sized’, I applied three small dots to improve coverage over the applicator, this works out to be about 2 ml.

If you assume there is around 25 45 cm x 45 cm panels on a medium car, only 50 ml of polish would be needed. That works out to 10 cars, or just £1.30 per car. It is only an estimation but shows that this is an economical product.

When machine polishing, more product is needed for a 45 cm x 45 cm, as the polishing pad will have a larger surface area that a hand applicator. Autofinesse recommend applying 3 ‘coin-sized’ spots to the pad, so that works out to 100-150 ml of polish, still enough for 3-5 cars, at just over £2.50 per car.

How is Auto Finesse Tripple polish best used?

Auto Finesse Tripple is a polish that is aimed at consumers who want the best possible results with the least amount of effort or financial outlay. This is an ‘all in one’ product.

After washing and drying the vehicle, this product can be applied, and once the residue is removed nothing else needs done to the paint.

The light abrasives will have cleaned the surface, the fillers will have masked minor imperfections while the carnauba wax adds a layer of protection.

For the best results, proper preparation is important. If using this with a machine polisher, full decontamination is essential to avoid contaminants scratching the paint.

If using by hand, users will still get the best results if proper decontamination is carried out, starting with tar and iron removal, followed by a clay bar if necessary.

This will not only increase the longevity of the carnauba protection, but also prevent the applicator pad getting clogged with tar.

What needs to follow this polish?

Technically, no further products need applied after Tripple as it contains wax to protect the paint and give it hydrophobic properties.

Autofinesse do suggest that a paste wax can be added on top of this layer, which will give long protection.

It is worth noting that when waxes are applied on top of a glaze like Tripple, they do not last as long as when they are applied to bare paint, which is something to take note of.

Applying a paste wax will still give better longevity that the wax contained in Tripple.

About Auto Finesse

Auto Finesse began in England in 1999 as a mobile detailing and valeting service. In 2011 they launched their product range, which began as a handful of products, expanding to the wide range of products available today. Their products are now available worldwide, with the business constantly expanding.

Final thoughts

Auto Finesse Tripple is a product I really like.

It’s not a specialist product, it doesn’t give great correction, nor does it have unrivalled durability, but yet it has a lot to offer.

While it may not offer a lot to serious enthusiasts, it is great for those with limited time and or budgets who still want a shiny looking car.

As a professional detailer, it is a product I still find uses for. Many customers talk about getting a ‘quick coat of polish’, and Tripple is often the product I will go for in this instance.

The diminishing abrasives help clean the surface, the fillers will add gloss, while the wax gives temporary protection to the paint, although I often also add another layer of wax on top of that. It is a great way to give good results for those who do not want a multi-day paint correction and the costs associated with it.


Can Tripple be used on Piano Black trim?

Piano Black trim is an excellent use of Auto Finesse Tripple. Best results here will be achieved by hand using a microfibre applicator. Tripple will clean the surface as well as fill in the light swirl marks synonymous with piano black.

Can Auto Finesse Tripple be used by itself?

Tripple can be used as a stand-alone product, as it contains carnauba wax, however users may want to apply a paste wax or protective detail spray for added durability.

Do I need to use a foam or a microfibre applicator with Auto Finesse Tripple?

Either or is acceptable, my personal preference is microfibre as I feel it spreads the polish better.

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